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Current projects
Guinea Bissau

EU: Technical Assistance Support Management, Surveillance and Work Control. Support project to the water sector and the solar village hydraulic system. 07/2014-11/2015

World Bank: Reinforcement of the Legal and Regulatory Framework on the Use of Fishery Resources in Guinea Bissau in the framework of the Regional Fisheries Project  in Western Africa (PRAO in Guinea Bissau). 09/2014-06/2015

South America (18 countries)
EU: EUROCLIMA2 - Technical Assistance. 05/2014-04/2017
Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestinian Occupied Territories, Syria, Tunisia
EU: IEVP Climate South - Support to Reducing Climate Change and Adaptation in the Southern Region of IEVP. 01-2013-01/2017
EU Framework Contracts

Technical Assistance to the EU-China Political Dialogue. 02/2012-02/2016

Framework Contract COM 2011 Lot 1: Studies and Technical Assistance All Sectors. 01/2011-01/2015

FWC BENEF 2013 Lot 9: Culture, Education, Employment and Social Affairs. 01/2014-12/2015

GIZ/KFW: Early Warning System for the Management of Risks related to Climate Extremes in Tunisia - Elaboration of a feasibility study. 07/2014-04/2015
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland: Evaluation of Finland's Development Cooperation with Kenya in 2007-2013. 05/2014-12/2014
World Bank: Technical Assistance Project to the Reinforcement of the Regional Cooperation for Protection of Wildlife. 04/2013-04/2015

EU-EDF: Technical Assistance for the Support to the National Statistical System. 10/2012-01/2016

EU-EDF: Technical Assistance for the Support to the SADC's National Secretariat. 12/2012-01/2016