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Support to the implementation of an Information System for Rural Development and Land Planning (SIDRAT)

 Over a period of 4 years (2009-2013), AGRER has provided technical support to the Ministry of Land Planning, Urbanism and Habitat (MATUH) for the implementation of the SIDRAT project, a system to better coordinate all data related to land planning. More specifically, the project allowed the creation of a real national Geographical and Biophysical reference. This system is the basis for the design of all national and regional master plans. Two services have been set up within the MATUH: a Land Planning Department and a Digital Geographic Information Department, both working together. Both services have decentralised structures in each region of the country. The project also conducted institutionnal support activities to strengthen the legal and regulatory framework to improve strategic planning.

South Sudan - Institutional Building/ Anti-corruption
Support to the key Accountability Institutions in South Sudan. AGRER assist the Government of the Republic of South Sudan in realising its Accountability Sector objectives of South Sudan as stated in the Development Plan 2011-13. Funding: Capacity Building Trust Fund (CBTF).
The Bahamas, Pacific and Carribean Region - ACP Fish II
The overall objective of the ACP Fish II programme, funded by the European Union, is to contribute to the sustainable and equitable management of fisheries in ACP regions, thus leading to poverty alleviation and improving food security in ACP States. Three programmes are currently managed by AGRER: Support to update the Fisheries Act in the Bahamas; Technical assistance for a Regional Port State Measures Training Workshop; and Technical support to update Prosecution and Enforcement Manuals for CARIFORUM States.
The Gambia - Climate change
Technical assistance component of the GCCA support project to The Gambia for integrated coastal zone management and the mainstreaming of climate change. The overall objective of the programme is to contribute to the capability of the government and people of The Gambia toadapt to increased climate variability and change, to contribute to strengthening national level capacity to plan for and respond to climate change impacts in coastal areas and to provide support and guidance to mainstreaming climate change into development planning.Funding: European Union.
Togo - Agricultural development
AGRER provides support to the coffee-cocoa sectoral sudy through its three main actors: the UTCC, FUPROCAT and the CCFCC. As technical support, AGRER helps the three structures supported by PASA in fulfilling the contracts they have signed with the project. Funding: World Bank.
Rwanda - Water and sanitation
Final evaluation of the drinking water supply and sanitation programme in three districts of the southern province. The specific objective of the programme is to sustainably improve the supply of drinking water and sanitary conditions of rural populations. Funding: Belgian Technical Cooperation.
Democratic Republic of Congo - Agricultural infrastructures

Elaboration of the preliminary master plan for the development of growth poles in the Corridor Boma/ Matadi-Kinshasa-Kikwit. The objectives of the study are to develop a preliminary blueprint for defining medium term guidelines for development in key nodal centres, developement of public infrastructure, collective plans and drafts detailed, and tender documents for the main construction contracts.Funding: World Bank.

Burundi - Food security

Technical assistance to support the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock in Burundi to the establishment of an information system for the agricultural sector in the context of the component 1 of PRO-SA-NUT (Programme for Food security and Nutrition in Burundi). To facilitate the decision-making process involved in sustainable food security by improving the quality, availability and operation of basic information on the agricultural sector. The device information will contribut to the economic monitoring of the food situation, and combine a structural approach to understanding the causes of this vulnerability. Funding European Union.

Burkina Faso - Work control and supervision
Control and supervision of construction work within the Project Development of Agriculture (PDA). The objective of the Project Development of Agriculture is to promote the use of land in order to increase the volume and value of agricultural production in the areas of project intervention. AGRER is responsible for organising and supervising the construction of infrastructure and works under the PDA.Funding: Millenium Challenge Corporation (MCC).